The Fire of Justice

Very early the other morning when it was still dark, about a week ago, I had a cup of coffee and stretched my legs as my sciatica was playing up. I  switched off the light to go back to bed, then noticed some sort of movement at the base of the apartment block which stands at a distance at right angles to our apartment block.  I could see a light of some sort blazing near the ground and, as I looked, a large ball of bright orange, glittering light started rising from the ground in a straight line to the top of the building where it floated for a while, then floated off into the distance towards the east.

I have to say I have no idea what this was – my husband thought it could some sort of lantern with a candle in it, but the heat would have exploded the balloon and it was completely round and glowing brightly  – like one of the street lights had escaped and was moving slowly but gracefully around our area to have a good look.

This piece of digital art is an approximation only of this glittering, sparkling sphere but I have decided that I will see it as the Fire of Justice in a world where so much injustice exists. As I live in North Cyprus, I am close to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Egypt, so we see a lot of coverage of the tragic events in this area.

So here’s the digital art, the Light of Justice, and below that a poem that came into my  mind just as I went to bed last night. I sat down to write it out as I knew I’d forget the next morning. Interestingly, I haven’t written poetry since I saw a psychologist after my mother died, and this week, on my other book as blog, I’m dealing with my mother’s death and what transpired at the psychologist’s office.

Light of Justice
Light of Justice

I feel anger

I feel rage

When I see injustice

And I’ll not be silenced

by calls to be




Blame myself, change myself

Because standing in my Power

I bring the fire of justice

The power of the sword – my words –

to stand with those working

to right

the unright.

To stand with the poor, the oppressed,

those who scour the earth seeking refuge.

My anger will not destroy me

Nor will I quiet it

or make it passive and submissive.

It is my tool to participate with so many others

in creating a new world

of love, compassion, open-heartedness:

The light that cleaves the darkness of

uncaring where it occurs in this world of ours.

To join the light of millions

standing for love

for compassion

To build a beacon of hope

That lights the world and builds

a glowing future

for this planet and universe of ours.


12 thoughts on “The Fire of Justice

    1. Thanks, Lorrie – I was quite surprised when the poem sprang fully formed into my head. I wrote quite a bit of poetry when I was seeing the psychologist so who knows what will turn up this time around!


  1. orange is always an engaging energy color for me…going up would be a symbol of rising to your highest intent
    I like the words…
    “My anger will not destroy me
    Nor will I quiet it
    or make it passive and submissive.”
    not sure why other than I thought your mother was saying to use the anger you have in the best way for you…
    I love the image…it has a beautiful feminine energy, when I first looked at a woman’s face was there…
    okay….I know, I’m rambling, but life changes will do that as I know you know…I have had several in this month..
    one has altered my dreams so to speak…
    Wonderful post, I really enjoyed your art and poem, you should write more…
    Take Care…


    1. Thanks for your encouraging post, Maryrose – it arose from a discussion I saw a while back about anger as if it’s wrong to feel anger. I think it dis-empowers women as anger, to me, is a natural emotion as long as we channel it into right action and don’t let it fester within us. I see nothing wrong with being angry at injustice, but I channel that anger into taking action where I can against injustice. If this makes sense. And thanks for the lovely comments about the poem – I was a bit nervous about publishing it but it really just seemed to pop up out of nowhere, as if it was really meant to be.


  2. K: I’ve been trying to think what this reminds me of, and finally I have it…the visions Annie Dillard has in “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek”. Just as I would have pictured it. Amazing world. We should indeed honor it.


  3. Thanks, memadtwo, I’m always amazed at the synchronicity of our unseen connections and how they interact. Yesterday a friend’s mother had to get picked up by an ambulance and my friend came to tell me and another friend as we were meeting up for coffee. My husband at home picked up the word “ambulance” and started worrying I’d been hit with heatstroke again and hauled off in an ambulance to hospital as happened back in Australia. He was so relieved when I walked in safe and sound!


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