The evening of my last post, when I had intense pain in my right hip, I happened to start talking to my husband about the posts  I’m writing on my book as blog ( in relation to weight issues and my mother’s death from lung cancer.  I really don’t think I’ve talked about her death too much, it’s been very painful, but I realised it was why the sciatica had suddenly flared up.  I talked to my husband for a while about Mum’s death and issues around it and then woke up the next day with the hip pain much alleviated.  Isn’t it amazing how our bodies reflect emotional issues?

Anyway, having done some drafts of the posts I want to publish a bit later on my other blog, here’s a piece of my digital art which I’ll dedicate to my Mum, Vera. She was a lovely lady, kind, loving, classy, always smart and well-dressed, great sense of humour, and she was well-loved by all who knew her.

Memories is the name of the art, Memory is the name of the video, from CATS, sung by Barbra Streisand, also Forever Autumn, by Justine Hayward, from the Album War of the Worlds:


11 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Somatic experiencing of emotions and the mind-body connection is a real passion of mine so I always appreciate hearing real-life stories of pain alleviation in action. Our bodies record everything – all the more reason to be kind to ourselves and others.
    Hearing about experiences like yours always makes me think of the endless idioms we have for this connection like “this is weighing me down” or “I need to get it off my chest.” I am glad you are allowing yourself room to grieve and to heal. Much love, Amanda


    1. Thanks, Amanda. As a matter of interest, before I changed my life’s direction, I was always falling down, with my right ankle giving way. A friend said to me: “I think you need to change your life, you’re not happy with where you are and your body’s showing it.” At the time I thought she was barking mad but she was spot on. When I fell and broke my leg and ankle, I knew as I was falling that it was because I was trying to go back instead of ahead. Luckily I chose ahead or god knows where I’d be health-wise now!

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      1. This comment from you gave me goosebumps….thank you for sharing!! I am so happy to connect with you in this way Mo!! In means so much to me as this is something I am really passionate about. Thank you, Mo. Peace and Love, Amanda


  2. I have a book: Tell Me Where it Hurts and I’ll Tell You Why. It’s by Michel Odoul. The name speaks for itself. I’ve been looking for it for further insight into why I broke my shoulder. I know it’s to do with a very difficult situation I’m having to ‘shoulder’ at present. The book’s not in English right now, but I could translate and precis (mine’s in French) the bit about hips for you if you like. 🙂

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      1. I’ve hadmove stuff about a quick look for the book. I can’t move stuff about with the broken shoulder, so will wait until my ‘beefcake’ comes home from work to help!


      2. No rush, Ann, I’m closing down shortly anyway, I don’t like to stay on the computer too late at night or I can’t sleep. Will catch up in the morning. Again, thank you.


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