Creation: The Mystery

This digital art is created entirely from another version of the accidental photo I took recently, which I saved in a golden colour (believe it or not). I have worked with this and the gizmos on BeFunky and PicMonkey to create what for me is my idea of Creation – and I mention the word “mystery” because, when it boils down to it, none of us really have the faintest idea how our universe came into being. But it’s fun imagining it.

Luckily I completed this yesterday because in the night I woke with excruciating pain in my right hip and I’m pretty much immobilised. I don’t know when I’ll return to the internet as it’s too painful to sit at present. After completing this, I’m going to lie flat on our bed which is the only remotely comfortable position at present.

My apologies also to bloggers whom I follow as I shan’t be processing any posts to “like” or “comment”: I’ll be deleting everything until I am back into reasonable shape.


13 thoughts on “Creation: The Mystery

    1. Thank you so much, Lorrie – amazing how dealing with emotions sparks a physical response. Didn’t realise until I mentioned to my husband I was preparing blogs on my mother’s death just why the severe hip pain had erupted from nowhere, and once I realised, it was much easier the next day.


      1. Oh Mo…first, I’m sorry for the pain of losing your Mom. I can not even begin to understand what that feels like. And I COMPLETELY understand the connection between emotional pain and physical manifestation. It is a theme that I have only in the past couple of years understood…and it has now become a life long work for me. I wish you peace…and I wish you relief from the pain…both kinds. Love to you Mo…Lorrie


      2. The new gravatar came about when I posted a pic of myself on Facebook with a ginger wig. It was a hoot but not well received so I worked on this gravatar with a selfie using the web camera, Photoshop & BeFunky. And thanks for the kind words regarding my mum’s death.


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