In All Due Timelessness……

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn’t getting into digital art for a while but this image has been playing on my mind so I decided to get it out of my system.

It’s a digital image based on a photo I took in our garden of what I call “fox-tail grass” and superimposed over that is a photo of a lovely pink hibiscus from my neighbour’s garden.  I fiddled around with the best way to meld the two together and the result is below. I created it because I knew the artwork wouldn’t take long and wouldn’t put too much strain on me.

If you’re wondering why I’ve head the post “In All Due Timelessness”, it’s because it’s a quote from a friend of mine simply saying that things will get done in their own good time, as and when you are able.

At present I’m tied up in knots with the pain of fibromyalgia as it is hot and humid here in North Cyprus, and humidity is always affects my muscles badly.  I’ve decided that fibro is really a lesson in humility – the world continues turning if you have time out; people will still be there waiting for you, supporting you and loving you even if you have to rest and can’t do everything you like. It also teaches you that time-out is not a big, bad sin – it’s a sign you are listening to your body and honouring it when it needs rest and recreation.

I make these points because, in Western society today and even in the spiritual movement, the Protestant ethic resonates that not one second can be wasted in achieving your purpose or your practice, whatever it is.  We live in driven societies. In fact, you can achieve a lot more when you listen to your body’s wisdom and slow down. It is not a sin to be straining to work ever hour, minute and second of the day, because we are brainwashed into this as the Western way of living.

Here in North Cyprus, if shopkeepers don’t have customers, they will join up with other shopkeepers outside their shops, sit at coffee tables, and enjoy a drink and a natter together. There is a laid-back atmosphere that things will get done when they get done in “Cyprus time”.  It can be infuriating and annoying for Westerners used to efficiency, rush and hurry, and being on the go all day.  But this is because we are told basically that we are here to live to work, instead of working to  live.

So if you need time-out, if you need rest, if your body feels completely knackered – slow down, have a rest, smell the flowers, spoil yourself, nurture yourself, and know that everything gets done in all due timelessness and the world will keep turning if you are not running along on the hamster’s wheel. This is wisdom not stupidity!

And, of course, I couldn’t resist including a video of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, a real classic.

In All Due Timelessness
In All Due Timelessness


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