Harvest for the World

This piece of digital art is a reworking of the photo I took of my carnelian necklace.  Carnelian is known as the Harvest Stone, so I enlarged the stones, then played with a few gizmos on PicMonkey, BeFunky and Pixlr for this finished product.

I thought “Harvest Time” invokes an optimistic outlook for us all – a time to harvest what we have worked to create; a time to harvest love; a time to harvest peace; a time to harvest friendship among nations. We live in hope!

And the video: Harvest for the World by the Isley Brothers.

Harvest for the World
Harvest for the World



5 thoughts on “Harvest for the World

  1. Mo, if those of us who hold on to HOPE steadfast, shall loose it, this world will really be in trouble. Great post! I really enjoyed it!!! Thank you. Love, Amy


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