Singing Down

SINGING DOWN It’s pretty simple, really. Open your heart and soul In the middle of the night, lift up your arms in joy and ecstasy and sing down into your very being the melody of the sun, the stars, the galaxies the universe. Then feel your heart and soul bursting with the cosmic energy of … More Singing Down


QUEST “Strivers, not skivers” “Lifters not leaners” Slick phrases used by so-called Christian leaders to divide and rule us, and demean the less fortunate. So, let me tell you, I have a dream: that we the people send so-called Christian political leaders on a quest: sent out like trusty knights of old to seek honesty, … More Quest

Fractured Heart

FRACTURED HEART Years ago I read an interview with a guy who hated people who wore white shoes. Bit of a shock to be hated by someone I don’t know: I wear white shoes, love ’em and I thought at the time of the idiocy of hating someone you’ve never met, don’t know and can’t … More Fractured Heart

Heritage Heart

The other night the Merit Hotel, close to us and right on the coast of the Mediterranean, held another fireworks display. I love these because I run and grab my camera, then just stand snapping away until the display comes to an end. When I downloaded and edited the photos, I came across this image … More Heritage Heart


I have been absent for a few days due to problems with accessing my e-mails. As I get a large number each day from the blogs I follow, if I don’t stay on top of them I get nasty messages from iPage, the website I use for my e-mail. For some reason I couldn’t fathom, … More Housekeeping

Nelson Mandela’s Views on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In 2001, Nelson Mandela wrote to the US columnist Thomas Friedman an open letter about the state of Israel, which he believed was racist and organised on the basis of Apartheid policies. Dear Thomas, I know that you and I long for peace in the Middle East, but before you continue to talk about necessary … More Nelson Mandela’s Views on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict