Today I decided to do something quite different to get myself more ordered – I’ve started creating lists in a neat notebook I’ve had for ages but couldn’t quite decide what to do with it.

Up to this stage of my 66 years on this planet, my lists have been in my head.  The trouble with this is that sometimes I get so overwhelmed with juggling all the things I need to do and trying to sort them out mentally, that I seize up with overload and grind to a halt.

So today I decided to start making lists, but I didn’t want throwaway lists in a tear-out notebook. I decided it would be good to put my lists in a classy-looking notebook to show respect for the work I do and finish doing, and to be able to look back on what I’ve achieved.  Quite an innovation for me, but I’m enjoying crossing off my to-do list so far – still some to do, but it’s quite satisfying to see ticks against items on the list.

Here are pics of my notebook, it’s produced by Paperblanks and the art, Mediterranean Cats is by Laurel Burch. It’s a great excuse to polish my halo and feel very saintly!

List notebook 1
The right side is lighter due to lighting, as the back and front and magnetic clip are all the same colour.

List notebook

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6 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I love Laurel Burch! I had a pair of her cat earrings at one time, but one was lost so I made the other into a pendant.

    I’ve always liked making lists and I cart around a sturdy, purse-proof notebook with all kinds of lists in it: shopping, things to do, what to pack for a trip, people’s phone numbers. It’s fun to go through them a few years later – kind of a listified journal.


  2. Love your notebook. I have always had to write down things to remember to do them. I tend to organize my lists into super high, high, low high, etc. I think that’s probably too compulsive. But it takes a huge load off of my psyche to not have to remember what I need to do.


    1. This has been the problem for me – keeping lists in my head is fine usually but sometimes I go into overload, then freeze up completely. So hopefully with lists, I’ll keep going (I hope).


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