Wild Worlds

It’s stinking hot here in North Cyprus, around 40C today and 35C+ for the rest of this week, so I’ve ensconced myself in my study with the air-conditioning running and had great fun this afternoon working on a photo I took of a carnelian necklace of mine as I thought it could also demonstrate what you can do with digital art and all the various programmes now available.

I cleared up blank spaces with the “liquify” gizmo on Photoshop, then fiddled with a Redfield add-in, Fractalius, to shift the colours around again.  Then I added some effects from PicMonkey, and here’s the result: Wild Worlds

I couldn’t quite work out a title at first because what this image reminds me of is the need to open our minds to the unknown, to the strange, to the challenging, to ideas like parallel universes, alternative realities, and wherever your imagination takes you. And sometimes those travels can take you to some wild, but hugely exciting, new worlds, adventures and excitement.

Wild Worlds
Wild Worlds

This is the original photo I used for the above digital art, it’s a necklace of carnelian beads and tumbled stones:

Carnelian Necklace
Carnelian Necklace


3 thoughts on “Wild Worlds

      1. Good idea! It would be cool to make a sort of mobile with any leftover stones – they look like they would be gorgeous with sunlight shining through them.


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