Wistful Wisteria

I went swimming this afternoon as it now warm enough here in North Cyprus – up around 35C (95F) and higher tomorrow which means the water in our communal pool is not too nippy now. But as I was paddling along, I just sank into the feel of the water surrounding me and washing past as I pottered up and down the pool and started thinking of water and emotions as a theme for today’s digital art.

So I created a canvas in PicMonkey of pale blue-violet, then built up lots of layers of the “water” gizmo in the “Texture” section, layers of the paint gizmo and then more layers of water. Then I added a texture of my own – two cactus flowers – which I then got very dark with the “subtract” gizmo on the texture function, scrolled through my various flower photos and came across one of wisteria flowers I’d clean forgotten about. So I popped then on top as another texture. And voila! Wistful Wisteria.

And since we’re into water and blue colours, I picked for today’s video A Sailor’s Life, by Fairport Convention. Sandy Denny has a truly lovely voice and this is a wonderful track.

Wistfull Wisteria
Wistful Wisteria


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