Flowers & More Flowers

I bought a lovely little square, green vase at our local market, gathered a purple, plastic pencil/pen holder and a rather cute clear vase and filled them with flowers from our garden here in North Cyprus.  I got galvanised into putting flowers around our house by Amy Saab who posts lovely photos of flowers on her blog:

Amy creates beautiful vases of flowers with motivational messages and delivers them to homes and businesses.  Great idea.

So here are my flower vases, duly scattered around our home:

Vases of cut flowers


9 thoughts on “Flowers & More Flowers

    1. My husband’s the gardener and he really is into flowers only, vegies don’t interest him. But here in North Cyprus fruit and vegies are fresh from the grower (since we live on an island!), we do get some imports, but the freshness and the very low prices don’t make it worthwhile to grow our own. If you buy seasonally, fruit and vegies are really low prices.


      1. That’s nice… I live in Florida where the growing season is basically all year long. Lots of local produce is grown but it’s still expensive.

        We buy corn because when it’s in season it’s cheap, but not many other veggies are.


  1. So nice. And of course, I love the purple heart. I often think I should bring the pretty things in, but don’t. You have inspired me to start doing it again. Thanks.


    1. Thanks, glad you liked the flowers and purple heart. I really didn’t think of vases indoors until I read Amy’s various posts, she has some lovely arrangements, and that’s what inspired me.


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