My Companion Blog Hoppers – Gifted, Gorgeous, Generous Gals

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Tammy Vitale invited me to take part in the blog hop. I came into contact with Tammy way back when I lived in Bowraville Australia and we both took part in Art Every Day November, run by Leah Piken Kolidas. Since then we’ve stayed in touch and I love her art, sense of humour, wildness, creativity and feistiness.

Minolta DSCTammy Vitale, makes a safe place for women to claim their HELL YES!!! life. Using her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, her Master’s degree in Story, 10 years experience as a professional artist in a solopreneur business, 20 years’ experience working in communities identifying and training leaders and 20 years starting and running both small for-profit and non-profit organizations, she provides a safe creative space for women to gather in community, make conscious choices and move from mundane to magic. You can check out her workshops, classes and retreat at




The aim of a blog hop is not just about spruiking your own work, but about inviting others to take part in order to publicise blogs and widen readership.  As I said, Tammy invited me to take part with the aim of me writing this weekend. I have invited three fellow bloggers to take part and to write about their blogs next weekend.  Here are three gifted bloggers who kindly accepted my invitation to take part in the blog hop:


I came across Lorrie when she commented on one of my posts. I was struck by her lovely smile and the bright colours she was wearing – hey, a fellow bright colour traveller!  You can find lovely posts on her blog covering a wide spectrum of ideas, but always filled with the energy of the beautiful word Lorrie created: “Blessitude”.
Lorrie BowdenI am a middle aged woman who taught myself how to love again. I traded illness and depression for authenticity and vibrancy. I learned forgiveness is the key that allows love to blossom and I have never loved myself more than I do in this moment. My opened heart allows unconditional love to flow to every organism on earth; as we are all connected ~ shall we all be loved.

I am so blessed and full of gratitude ~ BLESSITUDE!





I can’t remember how I came across Irene’s blog, some serendipity led me to one of her posts, and I’ve followed her blog ever since.  Irene’s work is right up my alley – she creates beautiful jewellery with semi-precious stones and a variety of beautiful jewellery accessories. She also posts commentary on spiritual and esoteric issues, and is a very special person.

Irene Skov HansenIrene has worked in several different areas in her life, with a few mentioned here: Education, Independent with own shop; and later as Editor of her own newspapers and magazines, where she managed to learn what could be created with a PC for use in the press, such as photos and articles.

She originally came from Denmark and now lives  in Spain. Her two adult kids live in Denmark and Germany. She brought her two old cats from Denmark and adopted a puppy in Spain too.

Irene has always loved to be creative with many kinds of creative handiworks. Since 2011 she has created Jewelry & Accessories, which she sells via her Etsy store:

She started Blogging in May 2013, first with her jewelry, later also with one of her passions: Gemstones.

Irene also blogs about Personal Development and her spiritual work involves healing, etc.


When I started blogging, it was on a very irregular basis, but since I’ve taken to posting nearly every day, I’ve come into contact with an amazing variety of bloggers who are all unique, insightful, friendly and supportive. I came into contact with Amanda’s blog because she does dreamwork and dreams for me are an important part of my life. I love Amanda’s posts on dreams – she reminds me how important it is for me to work with my dreams and deepen my spiritual understanding of life.

AmandaAmanda is an artist, dreamer, and seer. She loves living slow. As a deep forest dweller, most of her friends are plants and bugs so she is thankful that blogging allows her to connect with other humans. She has a deep love affair with color and with quiet.








I shall finish by saying how hard it was to choose three bloggers because I follow some fantastic, interesting and challenging blogs.  So thank you to Tammy for inviting me to take part in this blog hop and thank you to Lorrie, Irene and Amanda for agreeing to take part and post next week.  Keep any eye out for their posts as part of the blog hop journey!


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