Summer Solstice Sparkles

I decided to create a canvas in PicMonkey which was deep red, then fiddled with gizmos on the same website, before super-imposing a photo I took recently at a plant nursery of smallish, multi-coloured dahlias.  It all looked quite bright and cheerful so I decided to add some flash-bang wizardry with Pixlr, and, to honour the Summer Solstice here int he Northern Hemisphere, here is: Summer Solstice Sparkles:

And to accompany is Cyndi Lauper with Girls Just Want to Have Fun/Time After Time. When I finishing this painting, an image of Cyndi Lauper popped into my mind and I came across this video with two songs. I’ve included this because I couldn’t make up my mind which of the two songs to include. I love Time After Time but Girls Just Want to Have Fun fits the Summer Solstice them of this post.  And for the guys?  Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks – one of my all-time favourites as I used to play this when I was working in a hotel after leaving school and prior to going to university. And because Ray Davies is seriously yummy and the thinking woman’s crumpet!

Summer Solstice Sparkles

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