Crow Capers

I am absolutely delighted to post today a photo of a Hooded Crow which is native to North Cyprus and other parts of Eastern Europe.  I have tried so many times to get a photo of these birds when they’ve been strutting around in the paddock beside our apartment but it’s like they have an early warning system – every time I’ve crept out, camera in hand, without fail they’ve flown off. The same thing happened yesterday and I was so exasperated, I swung round and took a picture of a bird as it took off from the paddock and actually got a reasonable photo.

We have had a pair of Hooded Crows nesting in one of the big trees on the edge of the paddock – they’re brought up two lots of chicks so far. The crows here tend to be more solitary and aren’t half as noisy as the ones back in Australia. When we lived on Mt French in south-east Queensland, there was a big crow colony in the gulley below our home, and they used to caw loudly all the time. We once had a pair of young crows start to build a nest  but it was right beside our bedroom window which was wide open in the summer months.  Their racket used to start about 4.30am, it was deafening, and in the end my husband climbed the tree where their nest was and pulled the nest apart. He said it was quite eerie as the crows sat nearby and glared malevolently at him, but we did this before any eggs could be laid – had there been eggs, it would have been Mission Un-Accomplished as we would have waited until the chicks had hatched. At least we got a good night’s sleep after that!.



4 thoughts on “Crow Capers

  1. I’ve always been amazed by the number of crows in my area (far more than any other place i’ve lived). I figure it has something to do with all the politicians in DC! Many of them are as big as chickens too. (No, they don’t have the face of a raven…)
    However, they are very smart birds. And they love it when you talk to them. 🙂


    1. We saw in Australia a video of crows waiting by traffic lights. When the lights were red, the birds would strut out, put a nut in the middle of the road, strut back, watch the lights go green and the cars obligingly crack the nuts for them, and at the next red lights they’d strut out again to pick up their booty, now perfectly edible!

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