Being Kind to Yourself

I created this image by re-working digitally a painting I created when I was living in Australia. I used the “liquify” gizmo in Photoshop, then blurred the image I had of a mystery lily, again taken in Australia, and finally superimposed the lily over the new piece of digital art.

I called it “Being Kind to Yourself” because this morning I realised I’d underestimated the effects of fibromyalgia on me because it’s been so long since I copped it – close to seventeen years now. Sometimes you forget how all-pervasive it is and the different ways it manifests from day to day. I read someone else’s post on FM and I just twigged that I’d been criticising myself and trying to do too much, which is affecting my health and my attitude.

So this painting reflects the passion I feel for my work, but also the flower in the middle reflects my need to temper that passion with care of my body and soul.



18 thoughts on “Being Kind to Yourself

  1. I just love your photos, Mo. If we ever get situated, I’m going to have a yoga studio (or tiny space in the spare room) and I’d like to buy one of your photos to set the mood. The trouble is – how can I pick just one?


      1. Yes, that’s a bit of a game changer, isn’t it? First get your house! As someone who’s moved and bought houses eight times since 1994, I wish you the very best of luck!


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