Playing with Passion

Okay, relax because this is not an x-rated post!  I have been playing with a photo of our first passion-flower on the vine we bought three weeks ago. We have a bare concrete path running to our small shed that runs along the fence between our apartment and the paddock next door. So we decided to cheer the area up with two bright red bougainvilleas and a passion-flower vine. We had one of these in our garden in Fremantle, Western Australia, years ago. Well, actually, we first planted a moon flower – these are gorgeous, fast-growing vines which, as dusk approaches, suddenly unwind their tight blossoms into huge, white, saucer-like flowers within seconds. Unfortunately this vine was rampant in WA’s climate so eventually we removed it and replaced it with a passion-flower which also has the most beautiful flowers. Sadly this too was rampant, and eventually we had to take it out and replaced with a wisteria, far slower-growing and easier to manage. So we know the passion-flower will cover our empty fence quickly and it’s already started shooting out in all directions.

My husband got one good shot of the first flower and today I’ve been playing with the image. I created a pale blue canvas in PicMonkey, then added some overlays in Pixlr. Then I blurred the edge of the passion-flower photo and added it as an overlay to the amended canvas. I got one image with the passion-flower clear in the centre. But when I was playing with the various levels of overlay, I got one that looked really dark and mysterious, so I added a second image. I added an overlay from the PicMonkey “Space” gizmo, and then decided to call the image “UFO” because it reminded me of being underneath a UFO coming into to land with all its lights on!

Here they are, four images of our gorgeous passion-flower:

Passion Flower
Playing with Passion
Passion Flower Blurred
Passion Flower – Blurred
Passion Flower
Passion Flower – Original Photo

9 thoughts on “Playing with Passion

      1. Thanks Mo. Right now we have peace here, but a nature area a little away from here is burning now. Everthing are so dry now. They mean this new fire was startet by lightning.


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