Siesta Time & Other Odds & Sods

Just for something different, I thought I’d post a few pics of our furry friends enjoying their siesta time – one in the evening on the sofa with our white cat, Sweetie, and marmalade cat, Bella, , another out in the sunshine (they do like their sunbake!) and the other mid-afternoon when my husband decided to have a nap.Ā  After that there’s a pic of the last Full Moon which I photographed when I got up at 5am one morning, and lastly there’s a photo of a fantastic cloud formation late one afternoon here in North Cyprus – reminds me of an eagle in full flight.

Siesta Time 4

Mutts on sofa 3 Siesta Time - Sunshine Mutts on sofa 3 Mutts on Sofa 1 Full House!

Full Moon 1, May 2014
May Full Moon (around 5.30am)

Bird in a cloud 1





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