Creative Space – Doing Nothing

I’ve had an interesting week because I haven’t felt in the least driven, which is seriously weird for me. I have just listened to the urge deep down to relax, sit back and wait to see what would happen for me.

And what has happened is that I have had a massive tidy-up of my study. It started at the end of last year when I jumped into digital art and decided that conventional art was no longer appropriate for me.  Recently I sold all my conventional art supplies. This week I decided to get rid of the shelving along one wall on which I had a whole heap of crystals and I’ve managed to fit all of my crystals into the four shelves of the cupboard in the corner of my study. The doors have been taken off so I can see all my crystals but now they aren’t cluttering up my space or my  mind. Ideally I’d like to find someone who’d buy my collection (apart from my favourites, of course) but that’s a big ask when I live on the small island of Cyprus!

I’ve also sorted through all my papers and thrown away anything that was superfluous or was urging me to fix up my life, because it’s fixed: I love my art and writing, I love living in North Cyprus, and I love feeling centred and focused.  It may have taken 66 years to reach this feeling of deep inner peace with what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, but hey, life is about trying out different things and adventures, sifting through what one has learned, and then focusing on what feeds your heart and soul.

So here’s my nice, shiny, clean study:

Study, tidy 1

Here’s the former chaos and clutter:


And here’s the new, snazzy, hotshot  Mo (with a few tweaks from PicMonkey & Pixlr) !!!!

Interestingly, the necklace I’m wearing is from Turkey and today is the first time I’ve felt drawn to wear it in years, literally. It was bought by my aunt as a present in the 1960s when she had a holiday in Turkey – almost a portent of where I’d end up, well, off the coast of Turkey in North Cyprus. And the matching earrings were actually gifted to me by a friend in, of all places, a small town called Boonah in South-East Queensland, in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast. And Boonah was where I changed my life 360 degrees and started my creative work with art,crystals, writing and teaching. like the bookends of my life!

Mo Snazzy

17 thoughts on “Creative Space – Doing Nothing

  1. I just love your spirit!! Congrats on a nice clean study…it always feels so good to cleanse…Our surrounding…Our lives…Our souls!!! You are an inspiration. ..have a blessed, beautiful day!


  2. Your posts bring me joy. I love the shiny clean study 🙂 The necklace is simply lovely , as are you. You have such a peaceful, joyful spirit and that comes through in your postings and your artwork xoxo


  3. Wow you have done a lot Mo. It is nice, when it is possible to clean out of stuff, not used any longer. I think that your collection of gemstones will be a little difficult to get to Spain 🙂


    1. You’re right, Dan – my office space used to look like a bomb had hit it when I was painting, but now – like you – digital art and photography have become my passion, it feels really good to walk into a nice, tidy space where I can actually find things!


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