Born to be Wild

I loved this image when I’d finally completed it – it’s based on a painting I created back in Australia, and I’ve tweaked it three times with the “fractalius” Redfield plug-in for Photoshop.

It evokes for me the wildish nature we all have within us – to be true to who we are regardless of what society expects from us. Of course, when you talk about being “wild”, people automatically think you’re talking of going off your rocker, being reckless, and so on. But it seems to me that to be truly wild is to listen to who you are and to respect yourself as you are – whether you are introverted, extroverted, a mix of both, outlandish, conventional – whatever is you deep inside, honour your own personal Divinity.

So, rather than go into any more detail, here are a few words to play with:

Wildish                          Feisty                    Creative                        Passionate                                Wild Woman                           Intuitive

Warrior              Spirited                     Enchanted                     Body  Electric               Drama Queen                       Mystic

Quiet                              Passionate             Centred                             Focused                                 Powerful                 Meditator

And of course, how could I not add in “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf, used in the movie Easy Rider,  as the accompanying video!


Wild & Whacky


4 thoughts on “Born to be Wild

  1. perfect pairing 🙂
    your image is full of passion….
    as is the song…
    Steppenwolf was the first band I saw in a full concert (many years ago)
    this was my favorite …fit the times and me LOLs
    I was 13, and shortly after that concert I hitch-hiked from Texas to Canada …those were
    some wild days … 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art , the video and the memory….
    Take Care….You Matter…


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