Change – One door shuts, another door opens

I was thinking about change today because I’ve seen blogs by two people who listened to their intuition and packed in their jobs, even though they had no idea what lay ahead for them. Gutsy people – so hard to listen to the voice of intuition and not live in fear of commonsense!

In 1996 I did this same thing, packed in work I’d been doing for nigh-on twenty years, even though I knew I’d be regarded with contempt by some people, vilified by others and I’d lose the friendship of some people I valued. Nevertheless, I had a deep gut feeling that for my sanity and my health, I needed to listen to my intuition – the voice of my heart and soul. I turned my life around completely, opening up to metaphysical work, art, crystals and teaching.Ā  It was scary but I met some wonderful new friends, had some great experiences, met new challenges and I’ve never looked back.

It seems to me too that this push to new horizons is reflected in the world as a whole. If you look at countries where there is conflict, quite often you see one section of people scared of change, hanging on to their old world, and opposing any moves in a new direction. But the whole history of our world is one of change, growth and new directions. If you can ride the wave of change, you have some chance to open up to new worlds. If you resist, you can create great stress for yourself and also miss opportunities to lead a happier, more productive life.

So I decided to create this piece of digital art to celebrate change and the fact that when one door shuts, so often another door opens which leads to better ways of living your life. I’m not saying it’s easy, nor that you can continue living in the way to which you have been accustomed. But you can certainly be happier and living a life, rather than being part of a soul-less machine which is what so much of work in modern society is reduced to these days.

My thoughts above were also sparked by coming across Maddy Prior and June Tabor (English folk singers) singing “Four Loom Weaver” which is a lament about the change in technology which replaced old ways of weaving with more modern production and, in the process, creating hardship for those who’d earned their living with the old way of doing things.Ā  It seems to me that we are now moving from an industrial age to a new era of production which we can either embrace or resist. But in embracing change we free up our creative forces and stand far more opportunity of managing our lives in a constructive way rather than when we resist and give in to fear of change and new directions.

I have also included Maddy and June singing “Four Loom Weaver” because they are brilliant singers and their harmonies are just out of this world.

Change - one door closes, another opens
Change – one door closes, another opens


16 thoughts on “Change – One door shuts, another door opens

    1. Thanks, Meredith, I’ve often thought that if people realised that change happens and they work to manage it productively, life would be much more pleasant and less fractious. Maybe I’m just an idealist though.


  1. Nice to read more about your experiences in life Mo. It is good for our soul to follow our intuition, which again leed us into a new kind of better living with ourself. Thanks for sharing šŸ˜€


  2. Mo, you have no idea how your words reflect my life right now. I am in the process of closing one huge door which literally makes my stomach fall out from under me, and my entire being shake. When one comes to the end of a cycle, that one knows it. I have no idea where to go from here, yet, I must take this leap. Thank you. Love, Amy


    1. I only got half your message at first, Amy, but just wanted to say good luck with whatever is ending in your life and whatever is starting afresh. And congratulations on having the guts to go with change and listen to your wonderful inner voice.


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