In the Summertime

I created the image below with a canvas of deep pink in PicMonkey, then simply fiddled with all the gizmos on PIcMonkey, Pixlr and BeFunky to create the background images and patterns. And over those I added an overlay of a digitally altered photo of a firework taken during one of the fireworks displays put on by the Merit Hotel close to us here in Alsancak, North Cyprus.

Once again, the name popped up: In The Summertime, and it seemed pretty appropriate to illustrate how we cheer up in the summer, get out and about, do gardening, travel, take holidays and generally feel pretty cheerful about life. There are, however, dark areas in the painting to remind ourselves that not all on this planet of ours are able to embrace the joys of summertime, the shadow side of our summer world.

Music? Well, of course, it’s Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime”, but something a bit different which I hope will cheer your day.

If you’re wondering why I’m popping up with digital art posts, it’s called “procrastination” because I’ve been putting off all the bureaucratic work to do with taking photos of framed prints, uploading them and setting up various sales sites on the internet.  Ánd since I’ve now finished the art, I HAVE to get on with the sales organisation!

In the Summertime
In the Summertime



7 thoughts on “In the Summertime

      1. I was about five years old when that song came out. We used to play the 45 on one of those little portable “close-and-play” record players they made for kids. We would sit on the cool marble steps in the apartment vestibule and play it over and over again. That, and a song about putting lime in a coconut!


      2. For me, it was the Kinks’ “In the Summertime”. I had one of those portable record players and I’d play this over and over. Amazing memories you get with music.


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