Today I decided to do something quite different to get myself more ordered – I’ve started creating lists in a neat notebook I’ve had for ages but couldn’t quite decide what to do with it. Up to this stage of my 66 years on this planet, my lists have been in my head.  The trouble … More Lists

Fire of Passion

This is another piece of digital art created from another photo of my carnelian necklace.  I worked differently with this – working briefly in Photoshop with the “liquify” gizmo to balance out the photo and blur the individual stones. Then I switched to PicMonkey, BeFunky and Pixlr, stuffing around with all their gizmos until this … More Fire of Passion

Wild Worlds

It’s stinking hot here in North Cyprus, around 40C today and 35C+ for the rest of this week, so I’ve ensconced myself in my study with the air-conditioning running and had great fun this afternoon working on a photo I took of a carnelian necklace of mine as I thought it could also demonstrate what … More Wild Worlds

Wistful Wisteria

I went swimming this afternoon as it now warm enough here in North Cyprus – up around 35C (95F) and higher tomorrow which means the water in our communal pool is not too nippy now. But as I was paddling along, I just sank into the feel of the water surrounding me and washing past … More Wistful Wisteria

Where is the Love?

Stories get lost in the mists of time, but today I want to recall the voyage of the St. Louis in 1939. This was a ship which was carrying Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to, they hoped, freedom and safety in Cuba. Sadly, the refugees on the St Louis were turned away when the ship … More Where is the Love?


In our garden we have an Apothecary’s Rose bush (Rose Gallica Officinalis) which I absolutely love. When it blooms it is dark red with a huge centre. It is also very sturdy as it has survived being chewed by our four dogs – until my husband put wire netting around it to protect the flowers … More RoseHearty