Amazing Awards!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m sorting out the posting of awards which people have kindly given me – awards which I truly value because they demonstrate the kindness and friendliness of the world blogging community.  So here are my thanks:

To Irene who kindly awarded me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

Irene creates beautiful jewellery and, on the odd post, beautiful words and she can be found at:

I know you’re supposed to nominate 14 people, but I’ve chosen to be creative in accepting awards and adapting them to what I can handle, otherwise I feel snowed under and don’t get anything done!

I’d also like to thank Cher for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I do already have that award but I don’t care, the more, the merrier, so I’ve added a second one!

Cher is an ex-pat Canadian living in Chicago and I love reading her posts because it’s interesting reading about Chicago and the US from the perspective of someone who wasn’t actually born in the US. When I first moved to Australia I was like a fish out of water because everyone spoke English but it was different to the UK. When I lived in the UK from 2002-4 after nearly 40 years in Australia, it was a reverse process: I’m Australian now and felt like a fish out of water in the UK.  I have found out lots of things I didn’t know about Chicago from Cher’s posts, not least the fact – which I still  goggle over – that the city has a river, a fact unknown to me as geography was my worst subject at school, and that it gets dyed green on St Patrick’s Day.  Imagine that: a green river – totally awesome.

I can’t remember what else I’m supposed to do but as it usually involves questions here are ten foodie facts about me:

1. I love coffee.  Nope, not quite right. I LOVE  coffee! I ADORE coffee!  I WORSHIP coffee!

2. I don’t like white bread, I feel bloated. If I have a burger (very rarely) I have the meat on its own with salad.

3. My favourite little cafe here in North Cyprus is in Famagusta. We found it by accident as it was near an ATM we were using to withdraw British pounds to pay for our first car. For the princely sum of US6.60, we got a plate lined with toasted flat bread on top of which was rice pilau, chips, salad and heaps of delicious shish. Accompanying that were plates of a chilli-tomato relish;humous dip;  labne, a thick yoghurt; more salad;and pickled chillies (which I avoid ever since I took a tiny bit of one and nearly blew my head off and burned out my throat). Sitting on the sidewalk in bright sunshine, relaxing after all the stress of moving from Australia to North Cyprus was one of the brilliant moments of my life.

4. I love curries in any shape or form.

5. I love prawns in any shape or size.

6. I miss the fresh mangoes you used to get over summer in Australia.

7. Likewise, I miss blueberries and the wonderful, think blueberry yoghurts I used to get in Australia.

8. Another lovely, simple meal I had was when I was living in Strasbourg, France. My boyfriend at the time and I went into a little bistro and had the local saucissons with the best chips I’ve ever tasted.

9. Another lovely, simple meal I enjoyed thoroughly was at a cafe in Perth, Western Australia, where I had a vegetable curry, a salad of young mung bean sprouts and chappatis. Fantastic.

10 I make a complete pig of myself with cheesecake.  Any sort of cheesecake but particularly blueberries or summer fruit!

11. And just as an afterthought, one of the best breakfasts I ever had was in a Thai village in the jungle near Chiang Mai in the north. We had slept in the village houses overnight and were offered sticky rice for breakfast which tasted heavenly.  I appreciated it even more because the people were extremely poor but so generous in their hospitality.  There was a down side, however: I got food poisoning from the village water and nearly died back in Chiang Mai. It didn’t, however, lessen the immense pleasure I got from meeting such wonderful Thai people.

So there you go – new info about me, hope it makes your tummy rumble and you gallop off to enjoy your favourite food!

Express yourself!



8 thoughts on “Amazing Awards!

  1. Hey, hey! You’re sure full of surprises this morning, ma’am… lovely ones… and wow was I surprised to find healingminds!
    You’re so lovely, Mo.
    You do ‘cheer’ better than anyone I know
    Your colorful pics
    Radiate your true, inner glow.
    Such a precious gift, you are
    And oh…
    I love you dearly.
    This is truly so.


  2. What a truly lovely response, Meredith, thank you so much. It was a pleasure to nominate you, I do so enjoy your posts and it’s good to be able to show appreciation. Take care, Mo xx


  3. I’m with you on blueberries and coffee. I adore both! So, I was in a grocery store about a year ago and they had a huge sale bin of 12-oz packages of coffee – different roasts and some flavored ones. One was blueberry. It seemed like a peculiar flavor combination, but it was so cheap that I thought “what the heck” and bought one. The next day, I was back there fishing out all I could find.


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