I created a pale violet canvas on PIcMonkey, then fiddled with the various gizmos until I got a canvas with deep red colours. Then I added a layer of orange gazanias, from a photo I took yesterday in our garden, switched over to BeFunky and finally got the first image: “Glee”. It reminded me of how bright and gleeful we feel when we blow bubbles and act like kids again.

The second image has some watery images added to “Glee” and I wasn’t too sure about this piece of digital art and what to call it.  I finally decided on: “Peacemaking” because I’d been reading a poem of the wonderful Maya Angelou who has just left our world, and felt I’d like to dedicate both pieces of art to letting differences go between us and feeling the joy and relief when we stop holding grudges and hatred and embrace all humanity as our next of kin.



A Brave And Startling Truth

We, this people, on a small and lonely planet
Traveling through casual space
Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent suns
To a destination where all signs tell us
It is possible and imperative that we learn
A brave and startling truth
And when we come to it
To the day of peacemaking
When we release our fingers
From fists of hostility
And allow the pure air to cool our palms


We, this people, on this small and drifting planet
Whose hands can strike with such abandon
That in a twinkling, life is sapped from the living
Yet those same hands can touch with such healing, irresistible tenderness
That the haughty neck is happy to bow
And the proud back is glad to bend
Out of such chaos, of such contradiction
We learn that we are neither devils nor divines

When we come to it
We, this people, on this wayward, floating body
Created on this earth, of this earth
Have the power to fashion for this earth
A climate where every man and every woman
Can live freely without sanctimonious piety
Without crippling fear

When we come to it
We must confess that we are the possible
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world
That is when, and only when
We come to it.

~ Maya Angelou ~

4 thoughts on “Peacemaking

  1. I had the good fortune to hear her speak and read her poetry about twenty years ago. I had never heard of her – a friend brought me. She had a paradoxical aura of both powerful strength and gentleness. Thank you for your tribute. It is a reminder that writers, indeed, all artists, remain alive in their works.


  2. Glad to give a tribute to this amazing woman – she reminds me of Paul Robeson, a real Renaissance man. Likewise, she is a sort of Renaissance woman with so many talents and gifts, so generously offered to the world.


  3. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing, and your gorgeous images with bubbles and ripples are wonderful to accompany this tribute to Maya Angelou, as her loving wisdom will continue to ripple outwards always. And your names for these pieces of Glee and Peacemaking are, as always, perfect! Big hugs, G xo


    1. Thanks, G. Maya Angelou really was a wonderful woman but a life well-lived which will last in our good memories of her. Names for my art, by the way, always turn up once I’ve finished the image!


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