Returning my computer this morning to get the sound fixed went right out the window as, overnight, our delightful dogs managed to chew up the internet cable, splitter box and adapter.  Luckily they had not chewed the power cable otherwise we’d have had fried dog!  We do have a brilliant internet provider and a technician was here within 30 minutes to do the repairs, albeit with a bit of muffled laughter when he found out the dogs had caused the mayhem.

On top of that, we are in the process of renewing our driving licences and, because our residency visas were in our Australian passports and not in our British passports which we’d used for our renewal application, we had to find the local village Muktar (headman) to give us what is known as a Muktar’s Letter which confirms our residency address.

So with all that under our belt, the computer return for further repairs went by the board. So I’ve been going through all my photos to move all those I’ve taken of flowers into my “Flowers” folder.  What is interesting to note is that in Bowraville in New South Wales, Australia, I started returning to my childhood’s deep connection with nature. I’ve been amazed at the number of photos of plants, flowers and scenery I took in our stay on the mid-north coast. And, of course, it’s intensified since I moved to North Cyprus. I almost wrote “returned” to North Cyprus, as this island feels so familiar and comfortable to me. One of life’s mysteries, eh?

Anyway, after this morning’s mayhem I decided to work with a photo I took of a Christmas Cactus flower which was in blossom when we first moved to the mid-north coast to look for a home and were staying with a friend.  I blurred the edges then worked with some of the gizmos on BeFunky and Pixlr, and the resulting image cheered me up no end after this morning’s chaotic start to the day.  It reminded me of how much beauty there is around us when we care to look and how such beauty can cheer us up and return us to equlibrium.


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