Pandora’s Box

I am back for a brief while – my computer’s working okay but somehow the sound system has been stuffed up, music is distorted and I can’t listen properly to videos or tracks, grrrr!   So the Infernal Machine will be back in again tomorrow for another repair!

I have no idea how I ended up with the final image of this piece of digital art. I started out with a blank canvas in green and then fiddled with a few gizmos before adding a layer of white pandorea flowers.  I was going for lighter, but when I clicked on one of the levels for colours in BeFunky, suddenly got the darker colours for the pandorea flowers. And it reminded me of opening Pandora’s  Box – once let loose, what you’ve released can’t be stuffed back down again.  And some of the results can be awesome, some of them destructive, and others simply neutral.

As this topic is a bit hard to pin down music-wise, and as it’s hard to sort out any music with the speakers so distorted on my computer at present and also one speaker not working, I decided on a rather nice track from the movie “Local Hero”.  Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits wrote the music and this track is called: The Rocks and the Water.  The title made me think that sometimes, in opening Pandora’s Box we’re caught between a rock and a hard place, but often times emotional release can wash away what has been bottled up and hidden in Pandora’s Box, in a cleansing action which leaves us feeling light and forgiving of ourselves and others.

Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box



4 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box

    1. Thanks, Don, all is very groovy this morning because, somehow or other, my sound system resurrected itself overnight. Computer stuff leaves me baffled but at least it saves another trip to the computer centre, for which I am truly grateful 😀


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