No posts for a while – the Infernal Machine is going in for a tune-up!

I shall be off-line for a while as I have to take my computer in for a service and repairs – it  is overheating badly and likely needs a new fan. If this sounds amazingly knowledgeable, it’s because it’s happened once before. Here in this part of our little island we have what is called “Cyprus Time”,  or perhaps manana, as repairs and servicing happens in all due timelessness. So I may return sooner, but on the other hand, it may be later. Blogging now lies in the lap of the gods!

I’ll finish with some pics of our three cats since I usually bang on about our four rescue dogs, but recently managed to get some good pics of Bella, Jezebel and Sweetie. Bella is a tiny one-eyed cat who turned up very traumatised at our apartment and who is still a bit feral. Jezebel, the haughty cat facing the camera is the first rescue animal to move in with her two kittens. We still have Sweetie, sitting by the TV, but sadly  Tinkerbell disappeared one day and we haven’t seen her since.  Jezebel rules the roost and terrifies all of us, humans, dogs and other two cats alike as she’s quite likely to try to rip your eyes out. Sweetie is, literally, a sweetie, soft, good-natured and cuddly. Our four dogs adore Bella and Sweetie, always greet them when they come in and give them a good lick which the two cats graciously accept as their due. Jezebel is always given a wide berth and it’s very funny to see four big dogs intimidated by a cat so much smaller than them.

Jezebel & Sweetie
Jezebel (foreground), Sweetie in front of TV

15 thoughts on “No posts for a while – the Infernal Machine is going in for a tune-up!

  1. Sorry to hear about your computer!! I hope you’re not away for too long! 🙂

    Your kitties are SO gorgeous!!!! Bless Jezebel! Hehe! Our white kitty, Pinky, used to be a bit like that, she even attacked the Ikea delivery man once! She’s mellowed in her old age though, thankfully!

    Have a wonderful day! xxx


    1. Thanks, Chrissy. We took Jezebel to the vet’s, warned him how vicious she was, and she strolled out, purred around the vet and charmed him, behaved beautifully, made a liar out of us, then swanned gracefully back into her carrier!


      1. Haha!! Aw bless her!! Cats eh! My most mischievous cat always tricks people that she’s this placid little angel, spend any time with her though and you’ll see her running up the curtain poles, jumping on top of the doors and opening the wardrobes and airing cupboard! Hehe xxx


    1. They are lovely cats – we think the white ones have a touch of van in them as van cats are pure white and come from the Turkish region of van. Usually they are pure white with slightly gingery, fluffy tails, one blue eye, one green, and they love water as originally they came from around Lake Van.


  2. I know that one! I have a fan that my laptop sits on…works great now..
    we will miss you and I love the beauties in your photos…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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