The Cosmic Guardians of Justice

Posted on May 18, 2014


This image is created from a deep blue canvas with a photo of an arum lily superimposed on the colour. I’ve used Photoshop’s “liquify” gizmo along with Redfield’s “Fractalius” plug-in to create this final image.

I created it because this week I got heartily sick of the hypocrisy of those who invoke their religious beliefs while behaving like barbarians in government.I wanted to invoke the idea of Cosmic Guardians of Justice for all those who are disempowered by political leaders who invoke their religion to try to gain credibility but who, in their actions, act heartlessly and in ways which are incompatible with religious beliefs. I don’t need to name individuals, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about and have examples in your own countries.

“On the Turning Away” by Pink Floyd is a great song about social justice, says it all.

Justice 1