Growing Old Disgracefully

“Growing Old Disgracefully” is the motto of the Ulysses Motor Cycle Club in Australia, membership open to anyone over fifty. And as it’s a goal I am doing my best to live up to, I had enormous fun creating this digital image of how great it is to grow old, kick your heels up, make the devil wince when you get out of bed in the mornings and make the earth shake when you put your feet on the floor, and wear and do whatever the heck you want to.Ā  Because growing old isn’t about wearing beige, sitting around watching televisions and grumbling about the younger generation, it’s about living well, joyously and being young in mind if not in body.

The white arum lily is to remind us that we enter this world from the realm of the spirit, we move downwards and away from spiritual connections as we get consumed by the material world, but as we enter our senior, golden years we rise to acknowledge and connect with our spiritual heritage.

Growing Old Disgracefully

9 thoughts on “Growing Old Disgracefully

  1. Totally awesome!! Who wants to grow moldy??? Bring on the disgrace! This artwork says it all! I am in compete agreement and everyday think more and more about being who I was reluctant to be when younger. Here, Here!!


    1. Oops, I overlooked your reply – but yes, I love the idea of not growing mouldy. I was looking at Fabulous Fashionistas again and one of the ladies featured said: “Beige is awful. Don’t wear beige. Beige is the colour of death”. So true!


    1. Thanks for the reblog, Meredith, I think growing old disgracefully keeps you in tune with the magic of life, plus I get to sing “I feel pretty” and drive my house around the wall because I’m tone-deaf and he’s pitch perfect. Any time I want him on his knees I just sing šŸ˜€


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