Integrity of the Heart

What I’ve discovered from my life experiences  (I’m 66 so I guess I’m entitled to look back a bit!) is that you need to be true to yourself in order to live with integrity and honour. I spent a long time trying to pretend I was someone I wasn’t – an extrovert, always on the go, always agreeable, worried about offending people – but when I moved to North Cyprus, it felt as if I’d come home to myself.  I enjoy company but I love being close to sea and mountains nad having quiet times by myself. I don’t feel driven any more. I’m at peace with myself because I’m living with integrity and in line with my heart and soul.  I am incredibly happy creating art and writing my book as blog (which I’m resuming shortly). I enjoy silence and being alone at times (although I love my husband’s company in case you think we’ve had a major blue!).

So this painting is inspired by the joy of being yourself, living an authentic life with integrity, walking your talk, and talking your walk. I created a pale blue canvas with PIcMonkey, added a photo of a cactus flower, then doddled around with some gizmos on Pixlr. And voila – here’s the result:  Integrity of the Heart. When you are true to yourself and honour who you’re meant to be, your heart flies with happiness.

So for today’s extra, I’ve included a video (produced by Fatboy Slim) of the actor, Christopher Walken, as a man who awakes to himself, finds he can fly, but then retreats in fear to being a bland, faceless man again. An example of what not to be and do! Apart from Christopher Walker being a very nice piece of eye candy (yeah,yeah, sexist – so sue me!!!), he’s an incredible dancer and even more, manages to dance brilliantly togged up in a three-piece suit!


Integrity of the Heart


6 thoughts on “Integrity of the Heart

  1. integrity of the heart…I like that
    I think most don’t live that way
    Thank you I needed this today more than you know 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…
    Love that video ….


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