Expanding Gardens!

We have a smallish patio area, with narrow flower beds around and a few squares for roses, trees and bushes. It’s the sort of garden popular in North Cyprus which is hot and dry in summer, gets some rainfall in winter but is generally short on water. So lawns are a no-no because they are unsuited to the hot Mediterranean climate of North Cyprus.

However, my husband is an inveterate gardener so, in a moment of creativity, he decided to move our garden beds outside and around our garden wall.  It makes our apartment look really colourful.  We also swapped outstanding water fees from our neighbour when she moved out for four big plant pots which are now gracing our outdoor section (we have a communal electricity bill for our water pump which we pay on behalf of other apartment owners, and they pay us generally in advance for the power costs).

However, I am extremely proud to announce that I had a moment of inspiration myself in relation to gardening matters – doesn’t happen often as I’m not the world’s best gardener.  I happened to see, on one of the blogs to which I surprise, a lovely wall in a Mediterranean village covered in plant pots with bright geraniums making a wonderful splash of colour. So I suggested to My Beloved that we do the same at the entrance to our apartment which is via the communal parking area which is dreary and bland. And to my amazement he agreed.

So here are photos of our expanding garden. And my musical choice is “At The River” by Groove Armada. Well, yes, I know I don’t live by a river, but I am close to The Mediterranean, and I love the laid-back music of this track.  It includes words from Patti Pages “Old Cape Cod” with the words resonating throughout: “”If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air/Quaint little villages here and there”, and if you know North Cyprus, this island is filled with little village and, of course, the salty air from the Mediterranean which surrounds us.

Side view of garden
Side view of garden with our new plant pots
Front garden bed overlooking communal garden area
Front garden bed overlooking communal garden area
Garden, spring 2014 - potted plants
Looking towards our communal garden.
Garden, car park
Plant pots expanding into our parking area and on window sills
Garden, car park 2
Plant posts in parking area, with the verandah area outside my study on the left.
Garden - communal entrance
Entrance to our communal garden with our pots on the left.
Flower boxes, front window
Plant pots on my study window sill.


7 thoughts on “Expanding Gardens!

  1. y’all are definitly blooming where you are planted 🙂
    Wonderful photos, they show much love within a found peace to me
    Thank you for sharing them with us…
    Take Care…You Matter…


    1. You’re right, maryrose – we’ve just signed up for a full year of internet, plus renewing our driving licences for another two years – unheard of for the Geriatric Gypsies 😀


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