Right Here, Right Now

I saw one too many inspirational comments on Facebook today. Honestly, I feel absolutely knoackered by all the exhortations to be perfect: to be the best, to be awesome, to have no fear, to love myself as I am, to make up a bucket list,  to pick myself up and know I’ll be fine, and so on and so on and so on.

What happened to just enjoying life as it it?  If you’re happy with your life, go with the flow. Feel excitement when you see a butterfly. Cuddle your cat or dog and enjoy the moment. Take time to smell the roses. All the little things that go on from day to day and which make each day interesting, exciting and fulfilling – without jumping off buildings, travelling to exotic places, writing a best seller, creating an extraordinary painting.  How about  just smiling at people? Being kind every day?  Recognising that life can be ordinary but in the ordinary is the extraordinary which we can overlook so easily.

So today’s digital art is called: Right Here, Right Now. I have a rose quartz Buddha which is at the heart of the painting, and it’s a reminder that each moment is pretty miraculous and you miss it if you’re focused on tomorrow. Damn, I’m preaching cliches myself, but what the heck. Just relax and enjoy yourself and your ordinary life where miracles occur when you are present right where you are now.

Music is by Fatboy Slim, a British DJ,  whose real moniker is Norman Cook – I guess Fatboy Slim does sound somewhat more exotic, doesn’t it?  We came across Fatboy Slim when we were still living in Australia and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation played alternative music on Sundays. One day they played “Brighton Beach” when Fatboy Slim held a beach party on Brighton Beach in 2002 with estimates of 60,000 in attendance and we were hooked on dance music. In the event 250,000 people danced the day away, a spectacle of joy, dancing and happy cooperation. It introduced us to trip-hop music and I feel amazingly trendy when I say loftily that I’m really into trip-hop music – at 66!

Right Here, Right Now
Right Here, Right Now


5 thoughts on “Right Here, Right Now

  1. Our dogs drive us crazy with their antics and barking but when one is sitting with their head on my lap, in total trust and love, it really reminds me to be grateful that I live in a place with little conflict and a dog that just loves me whole heartedly.


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