Olive, Olive & More Olive

I love olive trees, they absolutely fascinate me because they look so stolid, stable and patient.  Patient?  Well, that’s my take on them because they are long-lived, forgiving of the harsh climate in which they grow and they are life-giving – wood for heat, olives for food, and olive oil for cooking.  Here in North Cyprus you see lots of single olive trees, olive orchards and many villages produce their own olive oil.  So here’s a collection of photos I’ve taken of olive trees – some are au naturel, others I’ve fiddled with. You’ll see that three are pretty much the same, but i can’t make my mind up which I prefer. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Olive & Sun, Life Givers 1
Olive & Sun 1
Olive Life
Olive LIfe
Olive Quartz Spirit
Olive Quartz Spirit
Olive Spirit
Spirit of Olive
Olive Wood, Stone Wall
Olive Wood, Stone Wall
Old olive tree regenerating
Old Olive Tree Regenerating
Olive & Sun, Life Givers
Olive & Sun 2
Olive grove
Olive Grove
Olive grove 1
Olive Grove at Lapta
Olive 1
Olive & Sun 3
Olive, sea, grasses
Olive, Sea, Grasses
Olive Tree, Water, Stars
Olive, Water, Stars

8 thoughts on “Olive, Olive & More Olive

  1. I also like olives, you have so many nice photos, Its hard to pick just one, my favorites are Olive Life and Olive Grove at Lapta 🙂


  2. Some of these trees look so old that I had to go read the Wikipedia article about olive trees. Wow! There’s one in Portugal that was carbon dated and found to be 2,000 years old. Maybe this is why they are a symbol of peace: they are old and wise.


  3. Hi Mo, I love these photos, particularly the Olive & Sun 1 and the Olive & Sun 3. So interesting to see this today, as I was just reading someone’s take that Krishna’s name means “The Dark One” and Christ meaning “dark/olive skinned”….smooth, luscious olive is on the brain today….ooooo la la 😉


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