More Housekeeping

I’ve just done some housekeeping on my book as blog: and here I am on this blog continuing my housekeeping frenzy – doesn’t happen often so I’d better make the most of it.

I’m not responding to other blogs for the time being – I do conscientiously read those I follow but I am a bit behind with e-mails and sorting out awards the fellow bloggers have kindly awarded me, so I am sorting out my backlog before resuming normal patterns.

I’d like to thank the following for kindly nominating me for various awards for my blog. I do truly appreciate this kindness as I think it’s encouraging and just another sign of how generous the blogging community can be.

So thank you to:

Carol at:  who awarded me the Liebster Award. She chronicles her travels around the US and other places – she’s a permanent traveller, on the road with a 4-wheel-drive and camper and I’ve learned a whole heap about the US which she describes so beautifully and with so much humour. I have also learned that I like having a permanent home and don’t want to travel a la Carol! Reading about her dialogues with her husband during their travels reminds me of the dialogues I and my husband engage in when we’re driving somewhere!

Cher at:  who awarded me the Sunshine Award. Cher describes life as an ex-pat Canadian now living in Chicago. I don’t know about others, but Chicago has always seemed rather exotic to me (probably because I don’t live there!) and I love reading her posts about various aspects of living in Chicago, as well as the differences between Canadians and Americans, and I got to know that Chicago has a river running through it which I hadn’t known before.  And it gets dyed green on St Patrick’s Day! .  Bit like differences between New Zealanders (Kiwis in Australian lingo) and Australians (have never learned what the Kiwis call Aussies, but it’s probably something rude as we call them sheep-shaggers because we know it gets right up the noses of the Kiwis!). I’ve also enjoyed her recent trip to California, and laughing at her summer get-up versus the locals who still think it’s nippy. Reminds me of here in North Cyprus where we think, as long-time Australian residents, that 27C is okay but not hot, while British visitors are down to shorts and singlets and look hot and sun-burnt.

Angela at, Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks, who awarded me the Sunshine Award also and Angel Award. Angela chronicles her life with multiple sclerosis – the train wrecks you get with living with this illness, the laughs you get as you pick yourself up, and all the other odds and sods which the challenges of living with MS brings into her life.

This week I’m going to collect a list of blogs to which I will then pass on the above awards.

So onwards and upwards, teacups, as I now move to answering all my outstanding e-mails. I am also polishing my halo furiously at being so virtuous and upstanding today!!!!!

Calvin & Hobbes


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