I fished out a canvas today I’d created a while back and which I’d filed away as I didn’t quite know what to do with it. So today I felt drawn to create a nice big heart, then overlaid that heart with a photo of a pale violet rose with the sun shining through the petal. Then I added a few gizmo goodies from BeFunky and Pixlr, and came across one gizmo which, when added as an additionally layer, left me with an image which screamed “Kindness” at me.

There’s a lot of attention paid to negative stuff in the conventional media and on the internet, but bubbling along very nicely are movements like kindness and random acts of kindness and so on, the unsung heroes and heroines who help the aged, chlldren in need, people in refugee camps, or who help with projects in developing nations. Wherever we look, kindness is in full swing and it’s spreading!



Here’s a link to Dance for Kindness and below that,  two versions of Auld Lang Syne and its “cup of kindness”, one by Dougie  MacLean (with the words) and the second, with views of Scotland, by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.  I always get a lump in my throat and get really mushy when I hear Auld Lang Syne so this is really just an excuse for me to play it on this post! Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. P.S. I made it to the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo once. It was a totally moving experience!! I got to see the retirement of The Gordon Highlanders. I’ll never forget it. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about the ending with the single bagpiper high up on the ramparts. I get chills remembering. It was so beautiful.


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