Sunset – Sunrise

Last night I got three spectacular shots of the same sunset here in North Cyprus. I’m in Alsancak and very near the coast with a clear view to the west where we can see some really lovely sunsets.

The piece do resistance, however, was getting up this morning at 5am as I had quite bad sciatic pain and wanted to walk around and stretch a bit. On the horizon was a bank of dark cloud, very clearly  delineated, as if the coastline of Turkey had expanded overnight.  We get views of the Turkish coast from time to time dependingStorm clouds banked up over Turkish coastline on atmospheric conditions, and it’s really weird as most times you’re looking at a clear horizon and then suddenly the Taurus Mountains appear like a mirage. Anyway, I watched this ominous bank of clouds today, very slow-moving, and from time to time I could see great flashes of lightning. They looked for all the world like photos you see of red larva pouring down volcanoes when they’ve erupted.

Rising sun on cloud bank
Rising sun on cloud bank

Then the sun rose and shone on the clouds which had gradually moved further east, I got a shot of the sky lightening up as the sun rose, then got a photograph of a single contrail as a plane flew towards either eastern Turkey or Lebanon or parts beyond.  And not a sound could be heard anywhere!  Wonderful start to the day.

Below these photos I’ve added in the three photos I took of last evening’s sunset, all quite different!

Sunrise over Alscancak, North Cyprus
Contrail, sunrise
Contrail in clear skies of sunrise





Sunset over North Cyprus
Sunset over North Cyprus
Sunset clouds over North Cyprus
Sunset clouds over North Cyprus
Clouds & Sunset
Clouds & Sunset

11 thoughts on “Sunset – Sunrise

    1. Thanks, CT, had another spectacular sunrise last night, but generally from now – as we get into summer and blue skies all the time – you get great views of a boiling red sun setting on the horizon. No clouds though.


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