A Spectacular of Sunsets

Sunset with lighting shapeWhile I was organising the previous post, I came across quite a few photos I’ve taken of sunsets here because they can be truly spectacular when there’s cloud around. In summer things tend to calm down as we have clear blue, cloudless skies from early June through to September (give or take a few rainy days).  So I thought it would be fun just to post these and also to complete my 690th post on this blog!

Sunset 6 (over Turkey)
Sunset clouds over Turkey
Sunset 7 (over Besparmaks)
Sunset over Besparmak Mountains (which run parallel and close to the north coast)

Sunset 5 Sunset over Alsancak Sunset 12 Sunset 11 Sunset 10 Sunset 9 Sunset 8 Sunset in North Cyprus 3


6 thoughts on “A Spectacular of Sunsets

  1. Thanks, Irene. Yes, I’m trying to get all the photos sorted that I took before I jumped into digital art, so I can use them in the pieces I create. An organising week for me, this week!


    1. When we lived in Perth, Western Australia, we’d get wonderful sunsets as the sun set over the Indian Ocean. But when Mt Pinatabu in the Phillipines exploded and the dust wafted down our way, the views were quite amazing – deep crimson, purples, blues, turquoise, now THAT was truly spectacular. And as the moon rose, it would be huge and glowing red like a massive fireball in the sky.


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