Windmills of Your Mind

I had the great pleasure last night of watching and photographing a spectacular fireworks display at the third Merit Hotel here in Alsancak, North Cyprus, which has just been completed.  As we are so close to the Merit Hotels, we have a box seat when the fireworks displays go off, so I admired the lovely pyrotechnics while frantically snapping with my camera.

This image is composed of a violet canvas created in PicMonkey, with a photo of one of the fireworks exploding superimposed over it. I’ve then added a layer of night sky, and over that I’ve finally added a layer of cactus flowers.

I dithered about the title for this digital art but finally settled on  “Windmills of Your Mind” as it seems to suit the image. The song was sung by Noel Harrison in the original version of The Thomas Crown Affair, with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. If I remember rightly, it played when there was a scene of a glider up in the sky, swooping and wheeling on the thermals and, of course, soundless with no engine.

So below I’ve added a link to the original song with Noel Harrison, and then included Dusty Springfield singing “Windmills of Your Mind” as I never realised she’d sung this and she has such a lovely voice. And I’ve also added a link to  Sting singing the song too, which he did in the updated version of the movie, but I’ll be honest, I prefer the first two versions. This is, by the way, one of my favourite songs, which is why you’re getting so many versions!

Windmills of Your Mind
Windmills of Your Mind




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