Something a bit different – I took photos of our cat, Sweetie, with our dogs last night. Our white cat gets on like a house on fire with our four dogs, she rubs around them, they lick her, and they live in harmony.  Our smallest dog, Milly (she’s sitting behind our big dog, Zoe), absolutely adores our three cats, rushes over to lick them, wags her tail furiously, and they stand  there patiently waiting while she greets them. Our little marmalade cat is similarly loved by the dogs and stands there accepting her due when they rush to greet her as the Little Princess she is.

The only one they’re nervous of is our oldest cat, Jezebel, and we’re all intimidated and terrified by her. She stomps in like a tiger on steroids, is sometimes quite charming, at other times growls and tries to rip your eyes out. But she still stands there and accepts the enthusiastic greetings from Millie until she’s quite soggy from the licking, then she’ll roll over and just bare her claws slightly to let Millie know that she’s had enough.

I thought the contrast of the black and white was a sign that animals can live in harmony, even though they’re different, and it would be good if we humans could do the same thing – look for what brings us together, not what keeps us apart.

I’ve also included below the song: “The child is black. The child is white” by Three Dog Night

Sweetie, Milly & Ziggh
Sweetie, Milly & Ziggh
Sweetie & Ziggy
Sweetie & Ziggy



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    1. Yes, I’m constantly amazed, Mary and Irene, how the dogs and cats get along. Mind you, the cats were here first and made sure the dogs, as young puppies, knew their place in the scheme of things – cats rule, okay???


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