Amazing Awards!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m sorting out the posting of awards which people have kindly given me – awards which I truly value because they demonstrate the kindness and friendliness of the world blogging community.  So here are my thanks: To Irene who kindly awarded me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. … More Amazing Awards!

On the Razz

I am, sadly, not off on the razz but I shall be doing all sorts of bureaucratic work which I hate and which I have to do in one hit to get the horror of it all over and done with. So I shall be absent from this blog until Monday as I’m spending a … More On the Razz


I created a pale violet canvas on PIcMonkey, then fiddled with the various gizmos until I got a canvas with deep red colours. Then I added a layer of orange gazanias, from a photo I took yesterday in our garden, switched over to BeFunky and finally got the first image: “Glee”. It reminded me of … More Peacemaking

Classy Clematis

When we lived in the UK, I was thrilled to find a very pretty clematis climbing over the garden shed in our backyard as we’d live in Australia in places too hot for these creepers. . So when we moved to Victoria, which is usually (note “usually”) much cooler than Western Australia and Queensland, where … More Classy Clematis

Of Birds & Beasties 2

Here I’ve included the various frogs, snakes and other odds and sods we’ve encountered in our various travels. All photos of snakes and spiders are not taken by me, by the way, for obvious reasons! Warning: photos of snakes and spiders – if you don’t like these, don’t read on!

Of Birds & Beasties 1

As I was going through my photos to move all flower pics to the one folder, I realised how many photos I’ve taken of the various birds and beasties we’ve come across in our travels. So in this post I’ve included the birds and in the next one the beaties.


Returning my computer this morning to get the sound fixed went right out the window as, overnight, our delightful dogs managed to chew up the internet cable, splitter box and adapter.  Luckily they had not chewed the power cable otherwise we’d have had fried dog!  We do have a brilliant internet provider and a technician … More Equilibrium