Ya Beles – Our local fruit & vegie supplier

I’ve often banged on about the lovely fresh fruit and veggies you get in North Cyprus, so for something different I nipped around to Ya Beles (pron. Yar BerLESH, emphasis on last syllable), and took some photos of the lovely displays of produce at this shop.  It’s not far from there and the quality of food is great – witness the large numbers of locals who shop there, a sure sign an outlet is good value.  Hope you enjoy these photos – you can get fruit and veggies in the local supermarkets but Ya Beles always has high quality and good, fresh produce.

On another note completely, I’ve started editing my photos in PicMonkey.  I find it far faster and better quality than Photoshop. Poor old Photoshop is slow and clunky after working with PicMonkey.


Yabeles 11
Herbs: mint, coriander, parsley, dill
Yabeles 14
Artichokes – eat your heart out! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!)
Yabeles 2
Strawberries galore – and they’re delish!
Yabeles 15 - with loquats
The watermelon season is just beginning, and you can see loquats at the right side
Yabeles 13
Cyprus potatoes – unwashed, unpackaged, au naturel.
Yabeles 16
Potatoes growing in a field opposite Ya Beles

Yabeles 1 Yabeles 3 Yabeles 4 Yabeles 5 Yabeles 6 Yabeles 7 Yabeles 8 Yabeles 9 Yabeles 10 Yabeles 12

This is the charming and friendly young lady behind the counter - I accidentally moved the setting so it's a bit blurred but you can still see her bright, smiling face
This is the charming and friendly young lady behind the counter – I accidentally moved the setting so it’s a bit blurred but you can still see her bright, smiling face

16 thoughts on “Ya Beles – Our local fruit & vegie supplier

  1. Mo, I am so JEALOUS!!!! We have zero fresh local produce here at the moment. At least another month, maybe longer, depending on the flood situation, before we get anything local.


    1. It’s interesting getting used to seasonal produce again – in summer things dry up a bit (literally) due to the intense heat, but produce that is grown at what you might call “the right time”, ie, in line with nature, tastes fantastic, so different from the artificially grown fruit & veg we used to get in Australia.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Rita, I love visiting this shop. If you don’t have the right amount of change they just tell you to pay next time, very trusting, very honest. And yes, we do make sure we pay next time!


    1. It is great, the trick is to consume as much as possible of produce that is season because once it’s over, it’s over. I think our next produce will be apricots. But like I said, in the intense heat of summer when it’s 36C virtually every day, produce tends to get a little seedy.


  2. Delicious photos! I’m in northern New Jersey, & so many of our wonderful farm stores like Tice Farms, van Riper’s, are gone. Van Riper’s used to have, I swear, 20 varieties of plums, all of them amazing. This summer I hope to find at least one perfect nectarine – I had one once that was perfection! (But “good” will be fine, too.)


    1. We don’t get a lot of variety in fruit and veg here – what you see is what you get. But it’s cheap and it’s locally produced and I think it’s a big plus. I really notice the difference in taste between freshly grown fruit & veg grown locally in North Cyprus and the lack of taste in fruit and veg we used to get in Australia where they were transported over great distances, gassed to make them last longer or, in the case of citrus fruit, waxed. Yuk!


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