Sweet Dreams

I’ve been having fun with a new plug-in I’ve installed from Topaz. What I generally do is wait until one of their plug-ins I’d like to use is on special and then I buy it because it’s affordable for my budget. So this time I’ve got a plug-in which helps bring out details in your photograph or digital art. Today I’ve been working with a violet rose (which I coloured violet from its original pink) and this is the result – it sort of reminded me of how nice it is to snuggle into bed and look forward to sweet dreams to enrich your sleep.

I’ve also included below two images of “Grace of Community” to show you how the plug-in teases out details in art or photography. I’m inclined to prefer the one that’s been worked on with the Topaz plug-in as it shows the energetic links of community more clearly but I’d be interested to hear your comments.

There won’t be a post tomorrow – we have a power cut from 9-3 as this area is undergoing maintenance work – and that means no power for my computer and internet. And when the power does come on, I shall be in the middle of a lovely, therapeutic massage which is gradually releasing all the twisted bits and pieces of my hips and back so I am now in less pain and also sleeping better.

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Original Image - Grace of Community
Original Image – Grace of Community
After work with Topag Plug-in "Detail"
After work with Topag Plug-in “Detail”


9 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. As I noted your power outage and thought about its possible significance my power went off. For about half a n hour.
    Gave me time to pull myself back to my own truth. I know I’ve been quiet for quite a while but you and you’re blog have been sustaining and inspiring me to keep going forward. Thanks sweet woman. Iam coming back.


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