Persephone in the Underworld

I went back to an earlier canvas I’d created from a photo I’d taken of a firework exploding in front of our apartment, then just started playing with various gizmos in PicMonkey, BeFunky and Pixlr, and ended up with: Persephone in the Underworld.

If you’re wondering why I’ve used this title, it’s because from time to time we descend into the Underworld when we’re dealing with challenges in our life, but often in those dark times – which may seem chaotic – flashes of light appear which illuminate our situation and give us guidance towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

In thinking of Persephone being snatched from above ground and being taken to the Underworld by Hades, he probably bit off more than he could chew because he was bringing life into the darkness of the Underworld which probably stirred things up more than he realised it would.  And when that light prepared to return to the surface of the earth, I imagine good ol’ Hades had a bit of a panic attack at the idea of losing the light (literally) of his life. Hence his temptation of Persephone as she headed to the surface with four pomegranate seeds which she ate. This compelled her to spend four months in the Underworld each year, and the rest of the time on the surface of the world with her mother, Demeter.

If you consider Demeter our inner wisdom – that which nourishes us and heals us – you can see how this metaphor relates to a life where we often can get down with the challenges life dishes up, but with persistence and healing, our inner wisdom can bring us back to life and light.

Persephone in the Underworld

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