Karma Chameleon

My husband noticed something in the mouth of our big dog, Zoe, and got her to drop it into his hand as she’s a very gentle pooch. And lo and behold! she’d picked up a little chameleon.  It was a bit quiet at first, I suppose close encounters of the doggy mouth kind can be a bit off-putting, but it got more lively after some time on my husband’s hand and back in the fresh air. We returned him to the Great Outdoors where we hope his life is more uneventful!

I’ve also added in some photos of Eastern Water Dragons which were in the gardens of the motel where we stayed in Coffs Harbour, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, on our way to Perth, Western Australia, and then to North Cyprus. They are large lizards which look really fierce but are actually quite timid. Management at t he motel put up notices to let people know the water dragons were harmless and one accidentally wandered into our room through the verandah doors and jumped a mile when he saw us sitting inside.

Chameleon3.jpg Chameleon2 Chameleon1.jpg

Eastern Water Dragon - Large Eastern Water Dragon 1 Eastern Water Dragon


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