Spring Garden

Another view of vase of spring flowers
Another view of vase of spring flowers
Vase of Spring flowers
Vase of Spring flowers

Our garden is looking great this year, so I’ve taken some photos to share. All of our flower beds are fenced in, by the way, to stop our four rescue puppies either a) digging holes or b) eating the flowers and shrubs!

Here in North Cyprus it’s a very dry climate so gardens tend to have flower beds often with rock surrounds in order to maximise watering and be waterwise. Most gardens have patios or pebbled areas to reduce water usage.

So as you can see, we have smallish flower beds with paving in the middle.  My husband’s also extended our garden to the perimeter with potted plants down the entrance path, and flower beds at the back of our garden.  You can also see the large communal garden area for our apartments – we manage the block ourselves – two couples living here permanently oversee maintenance and finance – as management agents were expensive and inefficient. We have a gardener who comes in twice a week and who works miracles keeping the communal area tidy and looking good, often bringing cuttings to plant out, plus the pool maintenance is carried out regularly so the pool stays clean and healthy, no bugs for us!  We’ve just had night lights installed around the perimeter of the pool and underwater lights so people can swim at night during the summer.

Garden 2 2014
Flower bed on other side of our fenceline.
Garden 2014 6
View of our garden & communal garden from our upper patio.
Garden, 2014 - Communal
View of communal garden – apartments are on the right, out of sight

Being Australian and used to hot weather, we are highly amused when people arrive from colder parts – Russia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Norway or the UK – and jump in the pool and sunbake at temperatures we still consider pretty nippy. Temperatures are going up to 26-28C 78-82F) this week which we think is warmish but certainly not hot.  Hot is 36C (97F) which is the regular daily temperature and higher in July and August but you simply slow right down and just wait out the heat until it starts getting cooler in September.

Garden 2014 5
Gazanias & Apothecary’s Rose
Garden, spring 2014 - dianthus
Dianthus – the centre trunk is a bangalow palm, very elegant and self-rooting.
Garden 2014 4



2 thoughts on “Spring Garden

    1. Thanks, Mary. I’ve found it interesting this year – last year the garden and nature passed me by, but this year – since I’ve reconnected with nature – I’ve found a much heightened awareness. Back to my childhood roots!


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