Fig Fancies

I created this image from a green canvas I created with PicMonkey, added a background from the “Paint Gizmo” then superimposed a photo I took of a fig tree just coming into bloom. We went to a lovely restaurant for the 37th anniversary of when we met and fell in love at first sight, right beside a small beach and overlooking a very calm Mediterranean sea with blue skies, and over us stretched the branches of a fig tree just bursting into leaf.  So I took a few photos of the branches silhouetted against the clear blue sky.

Fig Fancies
Fig Fancies

5 thoughts on “Fig Fancies

    1. Thanks, Tammy, most trees are in full leaf now, but I loved the new leaves on the fig tree silhouetted against the sky. My husband rolled his eyes, he’s got used to me fishing out my camera to take the odd photo here and there!


      1. It’s beautiful. Ignore that husbands rolling of the eyes, that’s just a man for ya. LOL I’ll be back soon to see what else you get done. Hope your day is a good one.:)


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