Fig Fancies

I created this image from a green canvas I created with PicMonkey, added a background from the “Paint Gizmo” then superimposed a photo I took of a fig tree just coming into bloom. We went to a lovely restaurant for the 37th anniversary of when we met and fell in love at first sight, right … More Fig Fancies

Spring is Sprung

Here’s a collage of flowers from our garden this spring – much as I’d like to take credit, my husband is the one with green fingers not me. I look at flowers and they turn up their toes. Bryan looks at flowers and they bow and scrape to him! I’m also reminded of a little … More Spring is Sprung

Still as a Statue

I thought I’d post, for a change, a collage of photos I took of some statues in a vacant block which I saw on our drive into Kyrenia. The statues were standing around, as it were, when we arrived just over two years ago from Australia and they are still there, lurking, up to their … More Still as a Statue