Homage to Spring

This digital art veered into a Homage to Spring after I started working on a photo I took of a fig tree coming into leaf at a restaurant where we celebrated the 37th anniversary on Wednesday of when my husband and I  met and fell in love at first sight.  The eatery was lovely, right beside a small beach and the Mediterranean sea, with the fig tree stretching over our table to I took the photo with the branches silhouetted against a bright, blue sky.

However, then I added an image of a yellow dahlia with light pouring through it, and it suddenly reminded me of how we brighten up in Spring – it’s such a cheerful time of the year after the cold of winter with snow or rain depending on where you live. Here in North Cyprus, we came across a bush full of orange-brown butterflies, the sparrows have returned, we’ve been watching the swallows wheeling and swooping over the paddock next to our apartment, and at dusk we’ve just started seeing the small bats native to this island. The frogs are also going bonkers with their croaking calls in the rather murky swimming pool at the hotel behind our apartment complex.

So here you go – here’s to bluebells, daffodils, crocuses, strawberries, mulberries, trees in leaf, bougainvilleas flowering, pansies, veldt daisies, gazanias, dahlias and – we hope in our garden shortly – nasturtiums!

Homage to Spring
Homage to Spring

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