Foodie Fun

One of the interesting aspects of living in North Cyprus is that food is pretty much seasonal – mangoes and bananas would be the main imported fruit. Apart from that, food comes for local producers or is imported from Turkey and it’s fresh, delicious but – in the interests of honesty – sometimes mysterious with ingredients I’ve  never come across before. Herbs are plentiful – flat-leafed parsley, mint, coriander and at present fennel which grows wild here and is harvested by locals. Cyprus potatoes are famous for their flavour but here they don’t turn up in pre-packaged, washed plastic bagsYummy strawberries. . They are loose and still covered in dirt so they have to be washed when you get them home.

Double double egg yolksThe wild asparagus season is pretty much over, but we are swamped with strawberries – lovely, big, juicy strawberries, nothing like the pallid, tasteless ones we used to get back in Australia. When the cherries come in, they’re cheap and utterly, utterly tasty. The apricots should be arriving shortly, along with later the peaches and nectarines..

We go to our local fruit and veggie seller where there are displays of various fruit and veggies but at present  racks upon racks of freshly harvested strawberries are stacked up and I’m overdosing on them now I’m recovering from my recent tummy bug.  Eggs you can buy by the trayload and I had the surprise of my life the other day when I cracked an egg and found a double yolk, nice, but then cracked another egg and got another double yoks.

So here are pics of the strawberries and the egg yolks, just for a change from digital art and to praise the joys of seasonal produce fresh from the seller and not transported miles to soulless supermarkets.


6 thoughts on “Foodie Fun

      1. The interesting thing is that, while there are few florist shops around, flowers aren’t so big here. The only time you see flowers in the supermarkets is when there’s a festival taking place, called a Beyram, and suddenly there are buckets of flowers all over the place. Plus sweets, lots of sweets and chocolates. But Beyrams are usually a time for family and friends, and doing good deeds for those in need.


  1. I’m so jealous. It will be 2 to 3 months before we have local strawberries, and the “egg lady” hasn’t been here since October. I would occasionally get double yolks from her, but the eggs I have to buy at the grocery are so full of chemicals there are days I wonder that they have any yolks at all.


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