Breaking the Shell

In 1996, on 2nd July (I remember the date because it was my father’s birthday), I fell and broke my leg and ankle.  Subsequently I spent six weeks in an isolated rural area, alone all day as my husband was away working, listening to the beautiful song of the butcher birds and magpies, enjoying the bright sunshine of a perfect Queensland winter, drawing mandalas and completely changing the course of my life.

My friend gave me this card with the words; “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. It was absolutely appropriate for me at that stage in my life, and it has now reappeared as I’ve been doing some re-assessment of my life and its direction over the past couple of weeks or so.  I was going through old photos and other mementos the other day when I came across the artwork I’d kept on the front of the card.

Glastonbury. Art by Peter Pracownik
Glastonbury. Art by Peter Pracownik

The wording from The Prophet is just as appropriate for me today given the fact I’ve been quite sick this past fortnight or so with a rather diabolical stomach bug. It brought me to a screaming halt but also gave me the opportunity to re-assess what I’m doing, what I have done and where I’m heading.

I love creating digital art and I’ve decided that will be my focus from now on.  Given my mobility and fibromyalgia health challenges, working on the computer is physically comfortable and requires little in the way of extra materials.  I’m going to continue to post digital art every day, where possible, create framed art for sale on eBay and Etsy, and offer personalised digital art. It feeds my heart and soul.

I’ve also felt the pull for more quiet, reflective time, and to nurture my connections with the spiritual energies in my life. a lodestone for me and it’s been pushed into the background for a while but reasserted its presence as my focus on digital art as inspirational and visionary art has increased.

As a result, I decided to sell all my conventional art gear and, in a sure sign it was the right thing to do, it walked out of the door the next day with a friend who bought the lot – paints, pastels, art pencils, glitter, stickers, brushes and blank canvases – as a gift for her friend who has just started working with art.

I’m also selling my crystals. While I still love them and will be keeping my favourites, I have hundreds and feel I need to lighten my life. The crystal workshop I held recently, and which I did enjoy, really did a number on my back and hip pain, and my body is indicating it’s time to move to another part of my life. So I’m offering my crystals pretty much as a job lot and we’ll see how they go!

It’s also well into Spring here now, have just packed away my winter jumpers, and I’m feeling very positive about future directions in my life. So I’m back on board but carrying far less weight on my shoulders than I did prior to the stomach bug acting as a wake-up and clear-out call!

By the way, if you’re interested, Peter Pracownik has his own web page with the most beautiful art if you feel like visiting and admiring his gifted work.

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