No Posts for a While

I’m down and out with a rather nasty tummy bug/food poisoning, not sure which. At present I’m spending most of my time in bed sleeping apart from quick sorties like this one to see that the world is till out there.

So posts will resume when I feel I’m completely recovered. I don’t want to start too soon then find I’m out for the count again.

I’m also not able to read blogs from other people due to feeling so under the weather, so apologies for my inability to give feedback.

I’m also, as I’m lying in bed staring at the ceiling or being eyeballed by one of our dogs concerned that Mum’s acting a bit weird, doing a bit of a life review, priorities, spiritual life, and so on, so when it’s all sorted out, I’ll be back.

Hasta la vista (and hasta and end to this lousy tummy bug!).

18 thoughts on “No Posts for a While

  1. *hugs* Sending you lots and lots of healing energy, I hope you’ll be feeling better really soon! xxxx

    ps, I finally accepted the Sisterhood Award you so kindly nominated me for, back along!!! Thank you SO much Mo! 🙂 xxx


  2. Hang in there sweet Angel! April is such an emotionally charged month and those of us on the “path” are very sensitive to its ebbs and flows. Be well…xoxoxo


  3. Thank you all so much for your very kind comments, I’m gradually picking up but I’m taking it very slowly at present as I still feel quite shaky. I hope to back on board by Thursday – tomorrow is a free day for us as it’s our 37th anniversary and we are having a quiet day of celebration. It’s very hard to get greetings cards here so my husband was forced to confess that he’d tried to get an anniversary card but couldn’t find one, he’s a real sweetie!


    1. Thanks, Maggie & George – The stomach bug is gone, and I’m off to get a nice massage shortly which is helping ease the sciatic pain. My motto: I am woman, hear me roar – even if I am limping a bit!!!


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